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Photo Gallery


Below are some of the Photos of the late harvesting of lead farmers in Nabukalu sub county Bugiri District. For details click to download

Mr. Waiswa Sowedi, lead farmer/chairperson Nkaizer farmers group supervising the young women and men employed to harvest maize on his piece of acre in Bukubansiri parish in Nabukalu s/c Bugiri District

He also goes further to explain as to why the maize has come with poor yields, in his words said that the rains were much at the time the maize had flowered forcing it to grow long and much of rotting at young stage. Hence the poor yields

Young girls collect maize as the harvesting goes on

Mr. Waiswa directs how the maize should be poured on the tarpaulin.

The farmers after collecting the maize from the gardens, dry it on the tarpaulins until its ready for shelling.

Mr. Waiswa Sowedi contracts Mukama Bashiri, who operates machine for Shaki Ali abusiness man from Bugobi parish, Bulange s/c Namutumba District. The farmers are not only proving employment within the district but also to the neighboring Districts.

Maize is being packed in the sacks after shelling (Mr. Waiswa Sowedi)

Mr. Naku Umaru chair person for Production farmers group explains as to why most of the maize got rotten while still in the garden and the reason was of much rain.(Bukubansiriparish)